WVLT 8 – Miss Tennessee Talks About Her Dad’s Suicide and His Drug Abuse

Addiction is a disease that touches almost every person in Tennessee, even Miss Tennessee.

One in six people in Tennessee are misusing drugs, according to the CDC.

Local 8 News Anchor Lauren Davis spoke to Caty Davis who knows what it’s like to lose someone to addiction.

Behind the classic blonde hair and the crown, this Powell native has a heart of hurt. Miss Tennessee Caty Davis says, “My father was an addict, and three years ago on June 11, he committed suicide.”

Instead of letting that addiction define her, she’s using her title as Miss Tennessee to empower families affected by substance abuse. Caty Davis says, “It’s also about me visiting recovery centers and raising money for children dependent on opioids.”

She says every 25 minutes a baby is born dependent on drugs in the United States, and Tennessee is three times the national average.

Caty has raised three thousand dollars so far for the babies born addicted to drugs. She says, “The tiniest and most innocent are affected by this addiction epidemic.”

Caty walks on bringing awareness and educating as many people as she can.

If you would like to help Caty raise money for drug dependent babies, she’s having “Spray for a Cause” on July 14-16 at Sun Tan City. You get a free Versa Pro Spray Tan with a $5 donation to “Addiction Doesn’t Define Me”.

For more information go to www.suntancity.com


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