Even Louder

– Written by Kate McKinnie, Director of Development

I’m not sure if you’re like me, but as I listen to Christian radio, often I hear a song that I absolutely love and cannot get enough of. Right now, that song is “Even Louder” by Stephen Malcom and Natalie Grant.  The lyrics say,Even if the drum stops beating, My soul will keep on singing, Even louder, even louder.  Even when my eyes can’t see it, I will sing till I believe it, Even louder, even louder.”

This song captures how I feel about The Next Door right now!  Last year was an amazing year for our ministry, celebrating a milestone 15-year anniversary from when we opened our doors at our original 8th Avenue location. We had a fun 15th birthday party; we invited a national best-selling author to come and share his findings about the Opioid Crisis with us, and we held our most successful Fall Benefit ever! There were hundreds of new supporters who came to learn about The Next Door’s mission in the way of monthly Tea-time events, prayer walks, service days, tours, or attending the songwriters’ night put on by our Next Generation board.

But, there are still folks in our community who don’t know about The Next Door and the amazing services we offer women who are fighting the hard fight to beat the deadly disease of addiction.  So, in this new year, I will be talking up The Next Door EVEN LOUDER!   For example…

  • We have a new CEO – Ginger Gaines – that we want everyone to get to know.
  • We have several new events planned for you to come and learn more about the opioid crisis and how to recognize the signs of addiction in someone you know and love.
  • We have a new Client Hospitality volunteer role available for anyone who feels led to deepen your involvement at TND.
  • We have a growing TND alumnae group, many of whom will be sharing their testimonies at special events this year.

We don’t want you to miss a thing in 2020!  If you think you know about The Next Door and the lives being saved each day, there is so much more to learn. There are ways God is at work in the lives of women – showing them a new way to live – that will inspire you!  Be on the lookout for our Events Calendar on our website and follow us on social media to hear the good news of what The Next Door is doing in 2020.  We plan to proclaim the outcomes of this program EVEN LOUDER, to broaden our base of support and brand awareness in this new decade, so we can serve even more women who need our help. Will you join us as a loud voice this year and share the mission of The Next Door with a friend?

Published February 26, 2020

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