Navigating Life’s Big Transitions in Addiction Recovery: Tips for Success

Summer is winding down, and school is back in session! August is a popular month for big transitions. Whether you’re preparing for back-to-school, moving to a new place, or starting a new job, it’s crucial to approach these transitions with care and a solid plans. For those in recovery from addiction, these transitions can be […]

Almost 20 years since the first opened door

Please take just a few minutes to read this blog from one of our very own founders of The Next Door. Andrea Overby was our first Board Chair and has continued to stay involved and committed to the mission of The Next Door for the past 19 years. We are honored to have her calm […]

The Next Door… are we the neighborhood app?

The Next Door…are we the neighborhood app? That is a common reaction I get when I tell people where I serve. Our name is grounded in our history dating back to the beginning in 2004 at First Baptist Church in downtown Nashville where the wild praying women had a dream. And while we are not […]

Admissions form

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