Blog Post – Art for the Heart

Cindy Birdsong, M.Ed.

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece” – John Ruskin

Art and its creation touches lives in many ways… Spiritually, visually, and emotionally.

Self-expression is a part of healing from the pain of the past and various addictive behaviors. Some of our clients have defined their art therapy experience as expressing feelings through images when they cannot put them into words.

Our program at The Next Door allows our clients to reach inside and calm the anxiety, depression, and brokenness they feel through many different art forms – writing, painting, jewelry making, clay, collage making – and just interacting with one another during the art experience.

It is a time of discovering who they are from the inside out which translates into a positive outlook on their addiction treatment – feelings of encouragement and self-worth, smiling and sharing stories about what has led them to The Next Door.

Only God can use our past to transform us  into masterpieces.

Want to learn more about our art therapy program? Do you want to donate supplies for our women to create new art?
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