by Penny Baga, member of First Baptist Church of Goodlettsville and monthly volunteer at TND’s Girls’ Night In

One Saturday per month, I have the pleasure of helping host Girls Night In, which is a fun time of the week for clients of The Next Door to enjoy. Let me start by saying that Miracles happen during every Girls’ Night In! That means God is at work, He is present, He is involved, and He is changing lives of the ladies at The Next Door. I’ll share the story of one sweet, tenderhearted miracle I witnessed recently.

During the devotion time of one Girls’ Night In, I met “Joanie” and “Megan.” Megan was an older woman, and it was obvious that she was full of wisdom. She is someone I’d love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with one day. Megan had a way of making people around her feel comfortable and loved. Joanie, on the other hand, was a younger lady who was curious and a little apprehensive. Joanie pulled me aside after the devotion and asked, “What happens after you die?” I sensed there was more to her question than just basic curiosity. Joanie was grieving. Her father died when she was only ten years old, and she had been struggling with that for many years. The entire time I was answering her question, Megan was right there nudging Jessica in a loving way saying, “See, see, I told you.” After we had finished talking, Joanie hugged me, and then tears of joy and smiles came.

I learned a bit later that Joanie and Megan were roommates. Joanie came to the Next Door not believing in the Lord. Miraculously, God arranged for Joanie and Megan to be roommates. Megan shared truth with Joanie, loved on Joanie, nurtured Joanie and mentored her too. Megan said to Joanie, “Before you leave the Next Door, you’re going to believe in the Lord.”

Guess what? Joanie now believes in the Lord! Every morning, the two roommates wake up and pray together, praise together, and they believe together! When a person changes from not believing in the Lord to relying on Him, seeking Him, and enjoying Him, it’s a miracle! And miracles happen at the Next Door. Joanie believes! Heaven is rejoicing!

I love the way the Lord orchestrated the events in the lives of two fearfully and wonderfully made ladies. God is at work at the Next Door. I believe that one day I’ll get to see Joanie and Megan again. I’ll see them in heaven, and we’ll be with our Savior and eternal family. And we’ll experience the fullness of joy!

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for helping Joanie to overcome her unbelief. Thank you for working a miracle!

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