I Am Powerless.

by Nita Chester, Director of Nursing at The Next Door

The future.

Some view it with excitement and anticipation. Others view it with fear and dread. I personally struggle with this! When a new year begins I compel myself to think on the positive things that could happen, versus all the negative. For me, this is crucial, but not easy.

One reason for this fear is that the new year and all that the future holds is unknown. Why do I fear the unknown? Is it a control issue? Is that it? Yes! That’s it and it means I am powerless. Powerless over the future, powerless over my kids, powerless over my job, powerless over LIFE!

This is the first step of the 12 Steps and should be the first!

I can’t get anywhere until I give it up and admit I am powerless over what has been, what is now, and what will be. I get to live one day at a time. Some days only one minute at a time! This is all we have anyway, so I’ll remind myself to stay in the present and allow God to handle the rest.

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