Meet Mackenzie Meyer – TND’s New Director of the Criminal Justice Division

Please join us in congratulating Mackenzie Mayer in her new role as TND’s Director of the Criminal Justice Division. The Next Door has been committed to serving women re-entering society after being in jail / prison since the ministry came into being in 2004, and that program continues today at our Chattanooga facility.  Since 2010, […]

2021 in Reflection: Featuring Tambi Swiney

  Tambi Swiney serves at The Next Door as the Spiritual Wellness Coordinator. She has been a part of the TND since the very beginning – she is one of the original Wild Praying Women who founded TND! Tambi’s patience, wisdom, and hope for this organization have been such a bright spot at TND this […]

2021 in Reflection: Featuring Mary Spencer Veazey

Mary Spencer Veazey serves at The Next Door as the Community Outreach and Events Coordinator. She has been a part of the TND team for 11 months and as 2021 is approaching its end, she took a moment to reflect on her time with TND. Please enjoy what she had to share!   People always […]

Suicide Prevention Day: Suicide and Addiction

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. and the 2nd leading cause of death for individuals ages 10-34.  The rate of suicide has increased 35% since 1999. (National Institute of Mental Health). The Centers for Disease Control reports that thoughts of suicide have nearly doubled during the ongoing pandemic. Link to […]

Wellness Master Q&A

Listen to the podcast here! Get ready to dive in with Jason Cronan, MS, CSCS, CEP  as he speaks to special guest Morgan Coyner, Marketing and Communications Manager for The Next Door.  Make sure to listen to the end of the podcast because Morgan shares how to recognize anxiety and how to cope with both […]

Nashville’s “The Next Door” celebrates “Day of Hope” today

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Fear and isolation have been crippling for people in recovery during the pandemic. Wednesday, March 10, “The Next Door” is celebrating TN’s “Day of Hope” to bring people back together, provide resources, and talk about hope found in recovery. “Recovery, you don’t do that alone. You need community. So isolation for […]

No Matter What Podcast

    Marketing and Communications Manager, Morgan Coyner, sat down in the studio with Hanna Seymour to record an episode of the “No Matter What Podcast.” In this episode, Morgan talks about the loss of her mother to an opioid overdose, the deep grief she felt in that season, and how her faith helped her […]

Take 2: Promises Behavioral Health and The Next Door

The pandemic has led to an increase in substance abuse in Middle Tennessee and created challenges for those in recovery. So places like Promises Behavioral Health and The Next Door have adapted adding COVID protocols and more, to get people the help they need especially now during National Recovery Month. During National Recovery Month, both […]

COVID-19 Response

This page includes our most up-to-date program adaptations and organization updates regarding COVID-19.  The Next Door’s Management Team has created a response plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus within the TND community and to maximize the health and safety of our clients and staff. This plan is evaluated as new information about the […]

Opportunity Behind The Next Door

Written by Tracy Korney, Posted November 22, 2019 We all have imperfections we like to hide. But for those battling drug or alcohol abuse, hiding can destroy lives and families for generations. 33-year-old Jennifer, who asked that we keep her last name private, calls herself a “master hider.” She says she started sneaking alcohol, cold […]

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