Blog – Facing the Facts of Addiction

Alison Cooke

I have been the communications director at the Next Door for almost three months now. I’ll be honest and say that all I knew about opioids is what I had heard in the news – I just knew it was an epidemic, but I didn’t know why or how big the issue was. I didn’t know much about addiction in general either. I am slowly but surely learning more than I ever wanted to know. More than I wanted to know because I had no idea how big of a problem addiction was. It’s shocking and heartbreaking to learn the facts of this disease.

Fortunately, I am also learning a lot about the amazing work The Next Door, my new employer – and new home, does to combat this epidemic. Their hearts are big, but their expertise is even more impressive.

I have a background in the nonprofit industry, but came from for profit most recently. I just felt like something was missing from the work I was doing and I wanted to be a part of something that was bigger than me or my employer. I wanted my marketing efforts to be about more than just the bottom line.

My first week here the CEO challenged me and the marketing company we work with, Brand Wise, to come up with a marketing campaign that would make women call our number and reach out for help – and hope. While the epidemic is bigger than I ever realized, The Next Door’s arms are open even wider – to ANY and ALL women who want help.

Here’s a sneak peek at part of the campaign. We are so proud to be rolling this campaign out in mid April. You will see us on Channel 5, some billboards, Graffiti ads, and all of the various social media platforms. This is one of four different profiles in our campaign. This one struck me the most because my niece’s birth mom was an addict. Perhaps she still is. Or perhaps she got the help she needed and is living a life of hope now. That is my prayer for her. And if she hasn’t yet, I hope she will soon. That is my prayer for all women with this disease. I hope this campaign works and that women call for the help they need.

There will be a fact on each profile along with a call to action. this just gives you a sneak peek at the creative. Stay tuned…

Alison Cooke is the communications director at The Next Door


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