FOXCARES – March 2019’s Non-Profit – The Next Door

A new month means a new FOXCARES partnership! As always, if you book your move with Fox Moving and Storage, we will contribute $10 from your move to a Nashville local non-profit. This month, Fox Moving and Storage is thrilled to announce our community giving partnership with The Next Door.  The Next Door’s mission is to provide a continuum of evidence-based services for women and their families impacted by addiction, mental illness, trauma and/or incarceration with Christ-centered compassionate care. The Next Door began in 2004 and will be celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2019!

We’ll be donating $10 of EVERY March move directly to The Next Door!

The Next Door (TND) operates the Freedom Recovery Community, affordable and permanent housing for women in recovery and their families, in Nashville and the Correctional Release Center, re-entry, addiction, and trauma services for women in the last 18 months of their prison sentences, located in Chattanooga, TN. TND’s headquarters and Nashville facility houses its treatment programming.

Levels of addiction treatment care at TND – Nashville include a 24-hour, medically-monitored detoxification unit for clients, including pregnant women; residential treatment, an inpatient level of care; a partial-hospitalization program, an outpatient level of care that focuses on women with mental health co-occurring diagnoses; and an intensive outpatient program, which provides continued therapy and other services in a less-structured environment four days a week.

TND seeks to make treatment accessible to all women. If a client’s treatment team determines she needs treatment days beyond what insurance is willing to cover, she is not discharged from care; instead, TND continues to provide life-saving treatment. The majority of current TND clients, 91%, have insurance that covers less than 40% of the cost of treatment or no insurance. The Next Door had the honor of serving 1,442 individual women in all programs in 2017 with treatment programs serving 1,047 of those women.

In 2017, the Tennessee Department of Health reported that 1,776 men and women died of drug overdoses.

The effects of addiction ripple throughout the families and communities of those struggling with substance use disorders and accessible treatment care is vital to helping the community begin to manage the effects of the opioid crisis on the citizens of Tennessee.

FOXCARES is happy to be able to partner with The Next Door to assist them as they provide needed addiction treatment to women in need in the Middle Tennessee community. Every woman who completes treatment at The Next Door is another potential life saved and another mother, sister, wife, child who returns to her family and community with hope for the future and tools to manage her struggle with addiction.

Book your March move with Fox Moving and Storage and help us to help The Next Door!

FOXCARES – March 2019’s Non-Profit



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