Nashville’s “The Next Door” celebrates “Day of Hope” today

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Fear and isolation have been crippling for people in recovery during the pandemic.

Wednesday, March 10, “The Next Door” is celebrating TN’s “Day of Hope” to bring people back together, provide resources, and talk about hope found in recovery.

“Recovery, you don’t do that alone. You need community. So isolation for people struggling with mental health and addiction, and need that support, with that being essentially stripped away in a lot of ways has been really difficult,” said April Barnes, the Director of Outreach and Business Development at The Next Door.

That’s why Barnes and the organization are putting together the celebratory event, to lessen the isolation.

“We’re going to have people share their story of recovery and how they found hope, and what that looked like.”

Not only will stories be shared but Narcan training will also be given as Barnes points out, you never know when you may come across someone struggling with addiction and need the life saving medication.

 “There is hope for recovery and even when during a year when we’ve seen overdoses increase and suicide rates increase, and it’s just felt really dark, we just want this day to be about celebration and shining light onto the hope that’s found in recovery.”

The “Day of Hope” even begins at 2PM, in person, at “The Next Door” at 402 22nd Ave in Nashville.

Anyone is welcome to join to share in the hope of recovery and to learn more about addiction.

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