A Prayer on International Overdose Awareness Day

by Carrie Fraser, Director of Spiritual Wellness and Alumni Services

As we take time today to remember those we’ve lost in our personal lives and in our life together at TND I wanted to share one of my favorite prayers with you. Thank you for all the work each and every person here does to break the stigma of addiction and provide safe space to help transform lives.


Reverend Mike Clark

O God, we pray for all those in recovery whose demons are kept at bay one day at a time;

for those clean twenty-four hours and wondering if they will make it another day;
for those in the middle of ninety meetings in ninety days;
for those whose years clean and sober are like a resurrection from the dead.

We acknowledge

all the times they cannot remember and the days of pain they will never be able to forget;
the families that they lost and the community that they have found;
the lives they have now that they once could not even have imagined.

We remember those who tried and did not make it.
We pray for all those still out there using today. We pray also for all of us whose addiction is not heroin, but money;
not cocaine but nationalism; not alcohol but ego.
May we be ruthlessly honest with ourselves and willing to admit our need for you and for others.

O God, when your people wandered in the wilderness, you nourished them one day at a time.
When Jesus and his friends asked you for what they really needed, it was bread for today.
We confess that there are days when this one day at a time business seems like very little, but
we are grateful that there are days when it seems like more than enough.

Let this day be one of those.

Carrie Fraser serves as the Director of Spiritual Wellness and Alumni Services and sent this email out to staff today as a reminder to pray for all of those who have lost someone to addiction and all who are affected by the disease.

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