treating the woman as a whole

Programs & Services

Every substance use disorder is unique and in order to meet the individualized needs of each woman, we provide different levels of care. The Next Door offers a full continuum of care for women dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. The program design also allows women, as they move toward lifetime recovery, to transfer to less intensive types of care – all while staying connected to staff and peers of The Next Door.

a full continuum of care


The Next Door offers care in the following three focal areas:

It is important for women to start their recovery journey in a safe environment – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We offer both Medically Monitored Detox and Residential Treatment for women struggling with substance use disorders. Our 28-day program explores the underlying issues of mind, body, and spirit that are associated with substance use disorders, co-occurring mental illness, and trauma.

The Next Door’s outpatient services give women the opportunity to participate in intensive treatment during the day and practice recovery in their everyday life. This provides clients the chance to discuss relapse triggers as they occur and develop coping skills to combat them. After clients step down from inpatient treatment, our outpatient programs can provide continued counseling, peer support, mental health medication management or other treatment services.

Our purpose is to assist our clients to successfully transition from incarceration back into the community. The Next Door’s Correctional Release Center (CRC), only in Chattanooga, TN, serves 42 adult women who are currently incarcerated and finishing the last 6-21 months of their sentence. CRC offers an array of services to provide a holistic approach to meet our clients’ needs throughout their transition process.