The Flight Attendants of Treatment

At The Next Door, our social workers/case managers are called Care Managers. To us, it’s a more accurate reflection of what they do, and it helps alleviate the idea that these women work themselves into the ground with little to no support.

Care Managers’ main goal is to ensure clients have an aftercare plan that is conducive to recovery. They work to find clients safe housing, increase a client’s sober support network, connect clients with AA/NA/HA/etc. meetings and any necessary medical professionals. All of this begins the moment a woman begins her treatment. Our residential clients are at The Next Door for a maximum of 30 days, so our Care Managers need to make sure all of these things are in place within that time frame. It’s not an easy task.

Our Care Manager Supervisor calls her team the flight attendants of treatment. They respond to the ever-changing desires of our clients regarding their discharge plans as well as any needs they have while they are here. It’s not uncommon to hear a staff member say, “find your Care Manager” in response to a client question. These questions range from questions about having items dropped off by a family member to needing tampons or toothpaste. Care Managers are also on the front lines of interventions. They provide a safe place for clients to process previous impulsive decision making.

The Care Management Team at The Next Door created a list of values for their team: kindness, love, peace, and dependability. These values guide them in their work and hold them accountable to being their best selves for our clients each day. They also provide a gauge for compassion fatigue and burnout. The Care Manager Supervisor’s number one priority in leading her team is encouraging self-care. She experienced vicarious trauma and burnout in previous positions, so it’s important to her that her team feels supported and taken care of. The Next Door allows space for staff to practice what they preach when it comes to self-care. This culture of wellness aids in the ability to do the job well and creates a spirit of passion and hope that is beautiful to witness.

You can be part of this, too! Our Care Management is currently hiring. We’re looking for someone to uphold The Next Door’s core values (love, faith, hope, wholeness, community, respect, encouragement) as well as the Care Management Team’s values (love, kindness, peace, and dependability). Someone who can establish and maintain boundaries and who works well with a routine but is flexible when need be. Being a team player is a must. This job requires a passion for this population and respect for the journey each individual client is on.

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Published February 17, 2020

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