The Next Door… are we the neighborhood app?

The Next Door…are we the neighborhood app?

That is a common reaction I get when I tell people where I serve. Our name is grounded in our history dating back to the beginning in 2004 at First Baptist Church in downtown Nashville where the wild praying women had a dream. And while we are not the neighborhood app, we are a neighborhood, a community serving women in an environment of faith. We serve women to empower them for a lifetime for recovery. Life is like a box of chocolates, as Forrest Gump said, and each of us has been or will be touched by a difficult season at some point or another. We are here when seasons of life lead you to ask for help. At The Next Door, our caring and compassionate team of counselors, case managers, clinicians, and mentors welcome you with open arms to support and love you through this difficult season.

Two of the first gifts you receive when you check in are a cozy blanket and a Jesus Calling book. We believe that God loves all, knows us each by name, and is the loving foundation of hope and healing. Our services support you through each step of this difficult season, from providing a safe home for your first days of recovery to ongoing weekly groups that help sustain and empower women for a life of recovery. We serve about 1,500 women a year in our faith-based programs and are one of the largest and only southeast facilities who serve pregnant women up to 38 weeks of gestation. 

We have an exciting year ahead as we plan for our 20th year anniversary next year and continue to demonstrate our value through outcomes and stories. We remain deeply grateful for our partnership with the State of Tennessee to serve women who do not have insurance in Nashville and in Chattanooga. We are also thankful for our many community partners that we collaborate with daily. And did you know that 80% of the women we serve are on TN Medicaid insurance and our reimbursement only covers 55% of our cost? A staggering gap for sure. That is why your contributions matter greatly. The more we raise, the more women we can serve. I have two sisters that have faced difficult seasons and am grateful for places like The Next Door when that season arose.

Thank you for continuing to support and love The Next Door, from the bottom of my heart. We appreciate you!


Rebecca Anne Whitehead

Chair, Board of Directors, The Next Door, Inc.

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