TND’s Summer Reading List

As the Clinical Executive Director of The Next Door, I always strive to put my best foot forward when serving our clients. Trying to learn new ideas regularly, specifically through reading, is just one of the ways I have found that helps me in the process of serving our clients the best way possible! This summer we want to challenge YOU to have a learning spirit! Written below is a list of books, shows, and podcasts that we, the TND staff, have found interesting and insightful – we hope you enjoy them.

Whether you’re already an avid reader or want to use the summer to jump in, The Next Door’s summer reading list is a great place to find some inspiration!


For the nonfiction reader, pick one of these book ranging from true crime, memoirs, personal narratives, and self-help. 

Atlas of the Heart, by Brené Brown
Dopesick, by Beth Macy
Dreamland, by Sam Quinones
Educated, by Tara Westover
Everything Happens for a Reason (And Other Lies I’ve Loved), by Kate Bowler
Praying with our Feet: Pursuing Justice and Healing on the Streets, by Lindsey Krinks
Practically Divine, by Becca Stevens
The Least of Us, by Sam Quinones
Truth and Beauty, by Ann Patchett


For the fiction lover, enjoy one of our recommendations from The Next Door staff.  

Cloud Cuckoo Land, by Anthony Doerr
A Gentleman in Moscow, by Amor Towles


For the reader with kids on summer vacation, pick one of these books for your kids to read or make it a family activity!  

Love Does for Kids, by Bob Goff and Lindsay Goff Viducich
Rebel Girls Powerful Pairs: 25 Tales of Mothers and Daughters , by Rebel Girls
What Sounds Fun to You?, by Annie F. Downs


If reading is not your thing, there are so many other ways to learn more about the world and people around us with podcasts! Listening while you take a walk, cook dinner, or drive around doing errands is a great way to intentionally expand your horizons.  


This Naked Mind: Annie Grace does so much for the recovery community. She’s written three books, holds frequent sober month challenges, and hosts this podcast. In the 300-plus episodes of the show, Grace offers valuable insight on how to stay sober. Some of the episodes discuss alcohol withdrawals, the link between drinking and binge eating, how to deal with loneliness, and more. Recommended episode: “Episode 284: How to Support a Sober 

Recovery Rocks: Two friends talk about all things recovery and rock ‘n roll. Each got sober in different ways, yet these differences bring these co-hosts together more than it drive them apart. Their varied paths show listeners that there are myriad paths to recovery and countless songs to rock out to along the way. Recommended episode: “Recovery and the Health Care System

Editing Our Drinking and Our Lives: Another fun BFF podcast on this listcomes from Aidan Donnelley Rowley and Jolene Park. This podcast is unique in that they frequently address Grey Area Drinking. They also discuss the ongoing edits (read: changes) that they are making in their own lives as they navigate sobriety. Recommended episode: “Episode 34: Grey Area Drinking

The Bubble Hour: Jean M. is a sober woman who started The Bubble Hour podcast to break down the stigma and denial associated with alcohol use disorder. In more than 200+ episodes, she invites guests to discuss the various areas of sobriety and recovery that affect all of us today. If alcoholism thrives in the dark, podcasts like this shine a bright light that removes shame.

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown: Join researcher and #1 New York Times best-selling author Brené Brown as she unpacks and explores the ideas, stories, experiences, books, films, and music that reflect the universal experiences of being human, from the bravest moments to the most brokenhearted. Recommended episode: “Brenè with Tim Ferriss and Dax Shepard on Podcasting, Daily Practices, and the Long and Winding Path to Healing


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